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hanging makeup organzier

fyi…this is my 1500 published post.

i think i need an interevention…..i’ve been blogging for 4 years in feb….so that equals 350 posts a year.

holy crap. no one tell my husband.


I love when people give me ideas of crafts…this one came from my mother in law! she just moved (i’m so sad she’s gone! she used to live next door to me and i don’t have anyone to complain to anymore!) anyways..she moved and said that she really need a makeup organzier–something that had a hook on it to hang up…that she can take into the bathroom with her and then take out when she was done.


well her wish is my command!!! the hanging makeup organizer was born!
makeup organizer


i love buying fabric that all coordinates..it totally just takes the guess work of matching. I bought half a yard of the main fabric and i think just 12 inches for the other ones (i had leftovers)

and the hanger i grabbed are the metal ones that you can twist either way at the top…

IMG_3641 i decided to a different color on the back..so i cut two rectangles (making sure to use the hanger as a size guide)


i made a bunch of binding for the outside and pockets.. IMG_3646 then i pulled out my makeup to gauge the size i would need for pockets…and cut them out of clear plastic (i wanted clear cause i want to be able to see everything) I sewed the binding on top of the plastic before sewing it to the main piece..


after having the front and back piece done—


i added a layer of thick interfacing between them


then sewed around the hanger and down the sides (leaving the bottom open!) IMG_3650

turn it right side out and put the hanger up through the hole at the top…then added binding around the bottom to close it up! hanging makeup or bathroom organizer

then you just fill er up…

makeup hanger for your bathroom

back view of makeup holder

perfect little organizer  makeup bathroom organizer that hangs up makeup or bathroom organizer

if you are looking to organize your life even more…you can do this craft organizer…

Picnik collagegnb

a barbie organizer

barbie organizer


or even a ds  holder

Picnik collagegrf

car organizer


all made basically the same way!!!

ANd my girl McKenzie wrote an awesome makeup book—so make an organizer…buy the book–best present for someone you love!



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