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for the boys that like cars–sew a car holder

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I love that my son loves cars. $1.00 car gets a lot done around here (bribery!) But he need a cute way to display them!
sew your own car organizer

I got a yard of red flannel…..and cut it in half (i’m making two car holders!) ( If I was to do it again..I would pick something  a little more heavy duty. the flannel worked fine…but I don’t love the way it pulls when all the cars are in….)

I sewed up all the edges…

and for the top added some iron on interfacing to make it sturdy..then I folded this over and sewed…

all the sides neat and tidy…
took a piece of fabric…measured it…ironed all the sides back and then ran a stitch through the top
then I pinned into place and sewed the three remaining sides onto the flannel.
then I measured (yeah I know ACTUALLY measured!)
Mine were about 2 1/2 inches apart..then I placed a pin to mark where I was going to sew..
(I measured using one of my sons hot wheels to make sure it fit. I also measured using a lighting mcqueen cause they are a bit bigger.
Now if the last pocket is bigger than the rest….let if be…all my son’s cars are different shaped….he’s going to need some bigger pockets!!!!
and then I repeated…
and repeated
and repeated
and repeated….

I bought some dowels…and painted them…

then sweet talked my dad into trimming off about 10 inches…

which could be turned into drumsticks…but I don’t hate myself enough to do that…so I just hoarded them away until I can find something to make with them!

then I bought some ribbon:

and tied (and then I did a hot glue one..both work!) it onto the ends of the dowel..
and then hang…
three rows are CARS from CARS!
now…I’m off to make about 4 more…cause it didn’t even make a dent in the boys car collection!

Pickup some creativity

I remembered seeing this on SYTYC…so I tracked it down. she’s got a tutorial for it..but I will tell you the truth…she is a great sewer.  Mine is a lot more….shall me say, lazier? way of doing it. You know me…I eyeball everything and measure once and cut a few times. and then buy some new fabric and start over cause I messed it up…she actually has one of those fancy pancy see through rulers to help you cut straight. I know. Go her.
and check out my barbie diy!
barbie organizer

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