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color blocking scarf

okay…i know when you think color blocking..you think like pink then all of sudden a big bold orange.

but i have a pink scarf.

so this is kinda color blocking. only cause i can’t think of another good way to describe it!

color block scarf--scarf week

you can do it two ways. take a strip….(mine are 18 inches and sewed in half ) then just added a block of coordinating fabric….

IMG_5783 color block scarf in plaid

color block scarf 2 lace scarf

or add strips around the long side….


it adds some fun  pops  when you wear it!!!  color block 2

color blocking scarf

or you can just add some fun colors to the end!

889f68e22f31074e4b062cd179f285eb (1)


sand cause i love candy…


here are more fun ways to color block:

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42da56ae7fda538e0e3dd5a729de15a1 source

make sure to see all scarves here on scarf week! go HERE

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