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giant chalkboard art for cheap!

large-hanging-chalkboard-art-for-cheap Oh my house. guys. I really love you! Thanks so much for all the ideas and pin links you gave me on this post

(for more behind the scenes stuff follow me on INSTAGRAM (agirlandagluegun) and I always am asking your vote on things like this…..


My living room has two vaulted ceilings. LOTS OF space to fill so I need BIG pieces that I can make for CHEAP!

So I love this for two reasons…

— A. love all things chalkboard

and B. when you have black and white you can get it printed at Staples (engineering print) HUGE for CHEAP! Go here to see how to do it!

(this is the middle size) and it was less than $4. christmas chalkboard wall art

But I wanted to jazz it up a little…Made a video walking you through it!

Some cheap wood and it looks awesome!


 This is FREE from caravan shop giant chalkboard art

This wood is at the end caps of Home Depot  wood-900x1200 frame-wood-900x1200 I just stained it brown (or paint a fun color!)

and cut it to size and hot glued it directly to the paper. then hot glued a string to hang. hot-glue-jute


chalkboard artwork for cheap large-hanging-sign-for-cheap

This is not an ad for caravan shoppe…I just adore the crap out of them.  I want this fun one for my craft room…


i also love their ollie blocks


and they have this printable barbie house…to die for cute!


they also have chalkboard art for all holidays!!!


do you see something familiar (from the cute girls of my sister’s suitcase) crib


 this would be an easy, cheap and fun way to throw up some valentines art—go here to see loads of fun valentines chalkboard printables!

And if you are looking for fun Halloween printables I’ve got 15 fun black and white ones!

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