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toothbrush organizers

I finally realized why God created sisters….

most think it’s so you have a friend through everything. someone to hold your hand…to cry with…to laugh with..

but I think it’s so you can do to their house and knock off their crafty ideas and post about them on your blog and get credit.

(insert evil laugh)


so I got my sister vinyl obsessed…(i’ve been working on all you too…are you obsessed yet??) I buy ALL my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl–best place hands down!

and last time I went to her house I snapped some photos of her bathroom…

photo 1 (5)

I should explain. she has 3 boys. no girls.

then I saw this….

photo 1 (3)

and it was luv. truuue luv.

(you can buy some of these jars HERE)

so I made some.

i actually had my mason jars all bought….but then i went to target…

(that is how I explain any missing money in the account…I WAS going to pay that bill…but then I went to target..

and I bought…


but these buckets were peerrrrfect. (and i happened to buy them all cause i couldn’t decided what color to use!)

so here’s the jist….each person could have their own toothbrush and toothpaste and floss holder…no mixing it up…

toothbrush containers

I wanted to show how i work in my silhouette studio. I open up a page…and click font…then i go through and find a font i like…if i find one i duplicate the word and keep going…so i end up with a bunch of fonts i like….


ironically…my mind looks an awful like this.

toothbrush buckets or you could just do a generic symbol and have them hold them all….

toothpaste holder {shiny buckets are el sucko for good pictures. just an fyi.}

{and the yellow tooth one holds the floss…}


I also made another bucket to hold their good deed tokens

token holders they only have two tokens each…and we are on a our second week of summer.

heaven help me.


she also redid this cute hutch with my cutting edge stencil!!!

photo 4 (7)

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