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how to fix a hole in jeans…..

holes are in.
they are. you can spend a pretty penny on pants that look like you have already worn them 1000 times. 
and my kids are totally in style….
 these darn kids must walk on their knees at school.
so i thought i would show how i fix holes…to make sure they don’t get any holier….
i buy these iron on patches from walmart or joanns…
they are less than two bones..and comes in all shades of  levi.
for some reason it’s always better to round the edges…it doesn’t peel up as easily ….(cut it bigger than the hole)
turn the pants inside out (the patch is designed for the outside..but this is my trick!)
i just follow instructions…warm up the fabric first with iron..then place the patch over the hole…and iron it on (nice and secure!)
after it  cools you can turn it right side out and lay the levi “hairs” (all those strings) over the patch and iron them into place….
you can leave them like this…or you could run a few stitches back and forth (which is also very in style!)
(i have a separate needle that i colored with nail polish on the end that i use for patches or appliques. (it gets a little sticky when running through the patches–i clean it off with rubbing alcohol but i still like to keep it separate!)
after a few washings if the patch starts to peel up in the corners just iron them back down!
i always use them to reinforce my husbands shorts…
holy jeans it’s probably actually all the money he carries in his wallet that he hides from me…
but i throw on a patch over each one….(sometimes i do it before a hole even starts…preemptive strike)


you can also turn them into these cute things…

from brassy apple
and this one is adorable
and i’ve seen some awesome ones with fabric behind…or lace…be creative with it!!!!

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