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Archives for June 2013

levi bow shirt

apparently i love bows. i painted one on Tuesday and i made a bow shirt HERE but i love big bows i cannot lie. so you get another one… i always make something for my kids for their birthdays…and my daughter had these cute pink shorts that i really wanted a top for…so i made […]

kid games (kid craft monday)

The start of summer means we all high tail it to my mom’s house to play with my sisters…. and we have 15 kids ages 14 to 5  (and one exchange student) so sometimes we need some things i would like to call….”sanity savers” (my sister pulled these all by herself…..but i’ll take credit.)   […]

in and out burger quilt

You may have seen fun t-shirt quilts around pinterest. (like THIS ONE) or any of these but what do you do if your husband only wears ONE kind of t-shirt… yup. we are in and out burger die hards (i married into it.) when we were dating i kept wondering why my husband would always […]

hot glue and tin foil art (kid craft monday)

alright. this kid craft monday is coming from a pinterest pin today… {THIS ONE}  they did this making their own art…and i think used shoe polish..and they had a great technique so make sure to go over and check it out.. first..we tried outlining some coloring book pictures with elmer’s glue… and it was a […]

how to fix a hole in jeans…..

holes are in. they are. you can spend a pretty penny on pants that look like you have already worn them 1000 times.  and my kids are totally in style….  these darn kids must walk on their knees at school. holes…galore. so i thought i would show how i fix holes…to make sure they don’t […]

Father’s day….

boys suck. okay. they don’t. but they sure are hard to shop for. so i started brainstorming about some fun gift ideas for them….. but then i came up with nothing and so i turned to pinterest! okay…actually i do have a couple….altoid tins…my husband keeps them to put his gum in…and his earbuds for […]

old school cell phones!

and i had a few cans leftover from my wind chime so i decided to go old school just some spray painted cans– then i added some vinyl (i would have let my kids paint it..but the paint mess was already cleaned up for the day!) but you could let them decorate with stickers!) add […]

shout out sunday summer fun edition

so it’s summer….. you may have noticed cause it’s warm.   or that fact that i’m horrible about posting recently. and i’m only slightly sorry. the sunshine calls to me. so i thought i would dedicate this shout out sunday to a summer fun edition!!! sunshine on… ucreate   this looks ridiculously fun, like i […]

toothbrush organizers

I finally realized why God created sisters…. most think it’s so you have a friend through everything. someone to hold your hand…to cry with…to laugh with.. but I think it’s so you can do to their house and knock off their crafty ideas and post about them on your blog and get credit. (insert evil […]

wind chime–kid craft

tomorrow i will participating in design dazzle’s kids summer camp again. so i thought today i would repost the post i posted last year for their summer camp post. post. it’s a tin can wind chime…hand painted and decorated by my kiddos… we gathered together some cans I spray painted them all cause frankly…we love color! (this […]