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Archives for May 2013

blankets and intials…

i like making baby blankets—they are fast and easy (as long as you steer clear of the faux chenille) they are small so it’s not too expensive. and there are the CUTEST baby fabrics out there just i itch to use!!! but I really like to make my blankets special. cause let’s face it..you can […]

recover a kids table

well…wouldn’t you know it. I’m actually using my glue gun. I was beginning to think that i should change my name to a girl and a bunch of random craft crap definitely not as catchy. anyways. i’m recovering my kids card table. here’s the before…we aren’t over the princess stage yet but we are definitely over the […]

Dentist office: take two…

so I showed you HERE this cute dentist office— and now i’m going to show you a few odds and ends that i’ve done for them…(and i started writing this a long time ago and that’s why the pictures are so small! like this pinocchio. do you see this ginormous pinochicho.. yah..how could you miss it […]

an easy beach towel redo

i got this cute beach towel for mother’s day–(those are flip flops!) and you know me…wanted to add a little SHAZAM to it. so i bought 6 inches of this fabric… and made some binding! (you can go HERE to read more about my how-tos in binding) i thought it would also be cute to […]

faux pallet art and a roundup of awesome pallet art….

i dug this out of my draft box. i never posted it cause i hated how the hand lettering turned out! if you are going to repeat this..i would totally recommend using a  stencil or vinyl …just saying. you buy some wood (i spent $8 for these 5 boards) then you have your husband run […]

personalized tote bags….and a kid craft monday….

let’s pretend i couldn’t post this before mother’s day cause i didn’t want to ruin the surprise for my mom. (which is not true…i was just a slacker and i haven’t even given my mom her package yet…so mom, go away. see…story 1 makes me sound better) but i had my kids make these cute […]


i don’t know about you–but i’m in constant need of a quick thank you to LOADS of people. (which is probably why i made THESE thank you candy bar wrappers) but since i still had some close to my heart paper left (go HERE to enter to win your own!!! i made these on my […]

our summer system to keep my kids from killing each other….hopefully.

Hello, my name is inigo montoya kim west and I’m addicted to chore charts. really. This is about my 7th here on the blog. maybe cause i’m dumb. maybe cause I assume my kids are the same as me. small attention spans. I mean new stuff is fun and you are excited to play with […]

happy mother’s day!

heard this quote in church and loved it so much i had to come and share! happy mothers day!!! i just ate a dinner…not prepared by me (aka awesome in a multitude of ways!) print this out and frame..or fold it into a card! have a fantastic day!

stuffed animal from kids drawing –with a new stuffed animal

here’s a guest post i did over at the sewing rabbit– the theme was K.I.D.S. which i can’t remember what it stands for. but the jist is your kids design something and you make it. and i love this series. i recently added a NEW one–so even if you have seen this you really haven’t […]

silhouette chipboard!

today i’m showing you this fantastically fun new item from silhouette….CHIPBOARD! this stuff is so cool (and if you were to buy premade chipboard shapes from the scrapbook store they can be expensive!!!!) but you can get 25 sheets for a great price! the boards are thin enough to have your cameo (or portrait) or so […]

a secret message…with invisible ..lemon juice? {kid craft} spies only!

my son was super excited to try this invisible ink with lemon juice recipe out ! we love to act like “spies” around these parts. you take lemon juice and a q-tip for writing…and paper of course. mix lemon juice with a little water

it’s starting to get warm…(i might have just jinxed us though) (pants-to short)

(i have to start putting what the post is ACTUALLY about in my title…cause with the move to wordpress i’ve been trying to find some things..and i can’t. cause i choose humor over practicality. and everything is labeled HORRIBLY.)   it’s summer. no. it’s spring. but with the start of 50 degree weather my kids start dreaming […]

freezer paper stenciling

is awesome. seriously. if you haven’t tried it. do it. you will be addicted!!!!! i saw this great scott (back to the future is one of the greatest movies ever) shirt on zulily the other day… and with my nephews birthday coming up  i knew i had to recreate it. i should mention that his […]