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guest post– house of mouse pillowcase dress with lace!

so–i’m reposting my house of mouse guest post here for one reason…

it’s this sweet girl’s 5th birthday today:


i can NOT believe that my baby is 5. it makes me sad. i’m sending her to live with peter pan so she can stop growing.


(i always take “birthday pictures” of them—after this treasure i knew i would have to have to wait for another day/another mood)

i dug through my pile of craft crap and found the pillowcase that came with my sheet set for project run and play’s white sheet challenge— –i had used it as my practice piece to see how the dye would take…and it came out with a great ombre effect!


now, i’m sure you have seen the basic pillowcase dress tutorials. they are very simple and require little sewing (which is why they are such a HIT!) but I wanted to add a little something to make mine pop…

lacy pillowcase dress

luckily i went and visited my grandma..and she sent me home with a tupperware FULL of lace. it was crafting heaven. (i love my grandma!) lace

 i laid it out until i had something i loved…


and pinned and sewed… DSC01988

after all the sewing was done…i snipped off the top piece..


and dyed it pink to bring out the lace.

DSC02024 (800x600)

at the very top i snipped down about 5 inches for the arm holes…and i didn’t even finish them. (oh the beauty of knit!)


then i rolled down the top to leave a casing for the string to go through.

(the front is lower down than the back…i just stretched it down) and sewed


then i stuck a pin on the string and ran it through the top…


and tied it with a bow! easy peasy lemon squeezy.


she loves it. i mean LOVES it.

photo 3 (6)

and i have to admit..i do too. lace is just so pretttttty.


pillowcase dress with lace

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