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white sheet challenge how to

I don’t do a whole lot of sewing tutorials on here…
cause i don’t know what i’m doing
and so i don’t take pictures….

so this is really a lame-o tutorial…but i thought i would share what i did in case there was any questions:

all this was made using one white jersey sheet
the end.
just kidding.
i bet you wish it was though.

the sheet had finished edges…so i tried to be smart and make sure that i utilized it as much as possible…
i used the big panel for my sleeves….

and here’s how i do sleeves (shall i mention again my disdain for them?)
i cut my front panel for the shirt and back panel
(using a shirt as a guide…see how i’m using the hem for the bottom?)
..and sew just the shoulder part…
then i lay it down on the sheet and cut the sleeve shape (the above above picture)
then i sew them on like this:

put right sides together and sew from the bottom of the sleeve straight down to the bottom of the hem.

Now: I have no idea if this is the correct way to do it. the sleeves work fine so i don’t really see a problem with it. it wasn’t how i was taught…but this way makes me hate sleeves less….
and i cut the tights…..(this is how i roll…just using clothes as a basic pattern)

and dyed them…
i mixed these too together to get a coral…

obvs didn’t work…more of a salmon..i’m sure i could have kept it in longer to get a nice dark color..
but dyeing is scary.
especially when you have a deadline…
and rit has an awesome sight that will tell you what to mix to get the color you want
the shirt embellishments:
I wasn’t sure my daughter would love the beads on the shirt…so i sewed them onto a bow i cut out of the sheet and then sewed it on after i got her approval…
i really wasn’t sure how i wanted to embellish the collar….i went to bed on it and woke up to sparkles!!!!
i actually just used fabric glue to make it all pretty…

then i mixed some fabric medium (turns your paint into fabric paint
then i just started painting!

another awesome thing i use when sewing with knits is the double needle
it’s perfect..and ashley does a great job explaining it HERE
and tomorrow i will show you the scallop stuff….

and for more pictures you can go HERE


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