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silver fingerprint bracelet (or charm) knock off

one of my favorite posts…and most pinned is my fingerprint pendants (go HERE) They are so fun and easy and it’s a great gift for moms that doesn’t involve macaroni and glue….

they can be turned into charms..keychains..necklace and bracelets (mine are being used as ornaments on a christmas tree)

And then i saw these—and i thought…phew. that’s alot of money for something  i can make from sculpey and spray paint..

inspiration picture

so i did… fingerprint bracelet

PicMonkey Collage fingerprint PicMonkey Collage pendant

1. roll it out (sculpey is the brand i used)

2. push your kids finger in it.

3. cut it out

4. poke holes (if you want a keychain just do one)

4 1/2 (not pictured) cause i don’t want you to see my dirty oven–bake according to package directions

5. spray paint..i wanted it to look like metal so i used a nickel colored spray paint from krylon

6. get jump rings

7. put on jump rings

8. add chain or bracelet…


enjoy! the  inspiration picture: $75

mine: $2 ( i had literally had everything on hand…i didn’t buy anything!)

someone asked me how far a 2 oz sculpey block would go…

answer..pretty far! you could probably get 10 out of it!

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