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april fools dinner

first: i feel like i should get 1,000,000 bonus points for being on the ball and posting something BEFORE the actual holiday.

it’s an april fools miracle!!!!

april fools dinner

april fools


I remember my sister doing this for a date dance…and as a  kid (cause my sister was so much OLDER than me (ha! ) I thought it was sooooo funny! So i thought it would be so hilarious to do it with my kids..for an april fools dinner!

here’s the gist….
You give your kids the menu—with everything you are having for dinner –down to the utensils. they get to pick four items each round. –wait. i forgot to mention the funny part….the list of stuff is all coded.

here’s mine: go HERE to print (see if you can figure them out before scrolling down for the answers!)

Captureapril fools


can you figure them out???


here’s the answers..

Capture aprilss

(spencer is from icarly..he makes spaghetti tacos…my kids love that show!)

so we are having spaghetti with french bread–olives and carrots on the side. ice cream for desert and punch with ice.

they fill out the side…you get 4 items each round. so the first round you could get ice cream, noodles, and ice cube and a napkin. no utensil.

next round you could get carrots, fork, bread and salt and pepper.

and last round..sauce, punch, spoon and olives..

see? super funny and i know my kids would LOVE IT!!!!

I also thought it would be fun to do a hamburger version…(go here to print)

Captureapril fools diner


any guesses?–



(i just showed my daughter the menu and she goes, “i would like to have another name for butt with some stinky fart and blood.” )

first: pick out what you are having for dinner—it’s alot easier to have a menu and THEN come up with names.

then think of funny nicknames..inside jokes…or other things it could be called– i want some easy..some not so much. i figure they will get a few..but i wanted the majority to be a crazy surprise!…

my kids are 9, 7 and 4. i think i might just print up one menu and let them work on it all together!

now..if you think of something genius…leave me a comment! we could make the best menu all together!!!

here’s a few my mom had on her list: (her’s was for older groups…you’ll have to adjust for the age you are making it for!)


butcher’s friend–knife

unwanted flesh–roll

slip and slide–jello

it’s in between–toothpick

Roseanne barr–ham (that just goes to show how old this was!)

scooper dooper–spoon

skin and eyes–baked potato

ear of movie theater treat–corn




i also made a plain order form in case you want to come up with your own menu (go here to print)

Capture order form

just cut and paste..

april fools dinner 2

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