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princess beach cover up

i might have accidently scheduled this last friday…then i realized my mistake…and took it off.
then i got a bunch of emails mad at me cause they wanted to see it…..so sorry about that….without further ado…

 the cutest thing ever…compiled with the lamest non-tutorial ever….

I saw THIS Pinterest pin with a cinderella  cover up.
it was a link to an etsy shop.
that was on vacation
but my nieces birthday was coming up..
and she has a hot tub…and yearly trips to lake powell..so i knew i HAD to make it…
so i took the matter into my own hands.
but didn’t feel right about doing a tutorial…i don’t want to knock off her idea (i’ve never seen these like this anywhere before)
and to top that off.
it was hard to make.
but i thought i would give you the jist in case you wanted to attempt it…
first…i asked my sister in law what was my nieces fav princess…
she texted back.
that is definitely a bit more complicated…luckily she said belle was a close second.
this sweet little belle beach cover up is made out  of two towels
purchased from walmart…for 3 bucks each.
and i only used half of one of the towels….
so if you buy 3 towels you could get 2 cover-ups out of it..
(and these were only $3 each)
my camera can do this..don’t know how..but fun.

 the back has a velcro opening..cause i wanted to make sure it was easy to slip on and off….

the scallops are just strips of towel that are sewed up every 6 inches or so….(these were hard to turn right side out…)

The towel fabric makes a huge mess–it frays a lot! so i tried to use as many as the finished edges of the towel that i could…(like on the sleeves.) I also finished the edges with my sewing machine to stop the fraying!

the top is the hard part…it was a big square mess with the top folded down to fit elastic in it. luckily i had a four year old that i can bribe with iced oatmeal cookies to try on so i could make sure it fit perfect…

I included some fun bathtub paint (walmart for about 4 bucks) and one of those fun washcloths from the dollar store!

so fun! i might have to attempt another one in my future….


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