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reading canopy

this super fun canopy is from my boise sister.
who sucks and should move back from boise.
just a random sidenote.

the how-tos aren’t to hard….i mean..it looks hard. but it really isn’t.
buy a sheet…
the bigger the sheet the bigger circle you can go (i would recommend queen…

and maybe some extras for a seat…
these are just two pillows…

the the top is just gathered…rubberband or zip tie…. (no sewing!)

it hangs from the ceiling….

find a stud….(insert lame joke about my husband)

the top is an embroidery hoop…just pinch it between..or you could hot glut it on..
or use a hula hoop..
then she added fun felt around it for decorations!

added a couple ribbons on each side to tie it back

the fun part is closing it and being in there by your self…

see–totally easy. it’s using the hems the sheet already has…but you could buy fabric if you wanted something  in a different pattern/color…but that will require a bit more work!

and this would be so cute over a bed (i don’t want comments about it being  hazardous to your kids health..just make sure you use common sense and secure it amazingly.)


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