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throwback thursday–barbie bed

I love who ever decided thursday should be throwback day….I have so much junk amazingness on this blog that I sometimes I don’t even remember posting about it til i see it happenchance on my pinterest!


One of my most popular posts is the barbie house out of a cheap shelf (cause i’m way to cheap to buy a real one)

You can see the barbie house HERE


and how I basically diyed all the stuff in it (the post has all the fun info)

And since my girls don’t share rooms anymore, my younger daughter didn’t have any barbie furniture…which means I had to whip some together with my glue gun!!!

barbie bed

barbie bed diy

you basically just wrap fabric around the lid and hot glue on the underneath side. (leaving one side unfinished so you can stuff some batting in there to pad it for the barbie… stuff a barbie bed

I always add some lace for a bedskirt (hot glued on of course!)

bed skirt with lace on barbie bed
my favorite part (besides the easy peasy ness of it) Is that, since it’s a shoebox….You can open it up and store stuff inside!!!! barbie bed out of shoebox

barbie bed diy barbie bed diy out of a shoebox IMG_0981fvd

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