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Mason jar craft!

Today I’m fancying up a mason jar…with some Expressions Vinyl! I cut out my design in vinyl… lay some Transfer tape over the whole design…. Peel off backing and place on your jar. Start by rubbing in the middle and rub down the sides. Give it a good rub and peel off the transfer tape!  […]

advent guest post

this was a guest post…last year. so i’m excited to get it out of my draft box!!! Usually, each year i buy my kids a candy calendar that has a piece of chocolate to countdown the days before christmas… but this year i thought i would make my own! (and the store that sold them […]

toothbrush organizers

I finally realized why God created sisters…. most think it’s so you have a friend through everything. someone to hold your hand…to cry with…to laugh with.. but I think it’s so you can do to their house and knock off their crafty ideas and post about them on your blog and get credit. (insert evil […]

mason jars –it’s more than just a vase!

i’m back…showing more glass jar crap..cause even though i’m making a dent..i know i have a box full in the storage unit. sooooo…..if you want more glass jar ideas go HERE (we have done…vinyl jars, painted jars and jars for kids… and today is …jars…more than just a vase… see..even ryan likes glass jars… i mean…using […]

mason jar…..vinyl edition…

this shout out sunday is brought to you buy: it’s like peanut butter and jelly. vinyl and glass just works. and it’s so easy…take a jar..    cut out some vinyl…use some transfer tape… waaa la. we used this in church…the kids got to put in a bean for every good deed they did over […]

mason jars…for kids!

so remember how i hoard jars…well i’ve decided to do something with them! the first round was all about painting….(you can go HERE) this round is all for kids……. You might have seen this lava lamp around pinterest (well….sort of lava lamp…) well..we tried it…and it was a blast!!!! you just add…. and then you add…. […]

painted mason jars

im’ a hoarder ( this is about the 15th post i have started with those exact words…) and i save stuff… jars mostly. prego ragu candles jam jellies pickles salsa basically if it comes in a glass jar i will save it. and it was starting to get a little out of hand. so i decided […]


so today i’m showing how i made my fun hearts for sytyc…(the tutorial for the print is tomorrow!) but first: i was instant messaging my old college roomie (i would insert embarrassing picture of us in college here but it’s downstairs…..and i’m upstairs. and i’m lazy. but she is an avid book reader. and you […]

pin cushion.

i lost my freakin tomato thing. (and the pins stuck in it.) so i had to whip one up! (and then buy some pins….) i measured around the lid….and cut it smaller…. hot glue fabric all around withs stuffing inside… nice and tight… then i hot glued it inside the lid and added another piece […]