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painted mason jars

im’ a hoarder ( this is about the 15th post i have started with those exact words…) and i save stuff…

jars mostly.
basically if it comes in a glass jar i will save it.

and it was starting to get a little out of hand.
so i decided to start putting them to good use….

(remember this?

i used these super fun glass products from decorart

the pink is gloss enamels and the red and blue ones are crystal enamels which means they are transparent–which gives it a nice natural look…
you have to paint…let it sit…and then bake it.

and then cool with the oven door open….


and i also  used 3 D gloss writers…which is a super fun way to embellish them..

it’s totally addicting!

but our craft department in good old pocatello is lacking.
so when i wanted a pretty rainbow of jars and couldn’t get the colors i wanted …
come on..guess what i used?

yup. just some krylon. i did one with primer…one with the dual (which is primer and paint in one) and the rest with just regular krylon…. and guess what? they all are great!

i mean i’m sure if you take your fingernail and try to scrape it…you can…but i have moved them around and wasn’t trying to be careful and they are completely unscathed!!!!

here are some other great tutorials using all different kinds of paint! the general consensus is…every kind of paint works!!!


(this one uses a glue gun AND paint!)


and you can go HERE to see even more prettyness

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