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fabric dollhouse

this one is all credit to my sister who found this adorable fabric dollhouse HERE (make sure to check out her flicker group.it’s AMAZING.)

here is the one she made for my daughter..

and the ones she made for her twins..

love the barn

And my little niecey was turning 5 and i really wanted to make her one…and it’s pretty easy to do..it’s just that mesh stuff (i used it for my earring holder) walmart had a package of 3 (I think it was 12x 24) and it was perfect) you cut out your pieces

and wrap them in batting (i hot glued) the tutorial says to use tape)

does this fabric look familiar? it’s the same as my craft organizer!

then you just sew all pieces together (with handle and elastics)

and you whipstitch two sides…

and add some buttons for the enclosure…

then the fun part of getting out your felt and hot glue and decorating it!!!!

 i made this cute little couch out of felt…
(i also made a bed for my daughter)

and i threw in a little polly pocket to complete the present!
such a fun little gift! make sure to go check out the how-to for complete instructions!

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