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hot dog hot dog

if you just finished with hot diggity dog…than this post is for you.

my daughter is OBSESSED with mickey mouse clubhouse.  (thank goodness) it’s the first cartoon where she actually sat down and SAT STILL. It was amazing.

her birthday is on EASTER (even though we celebrated it a day early) and so this week is going to be some major mickey obsessed posts.

anyways..wanted to make an outfit for her birthday–that of course warranted a trip to Joanns. (of course!)

and you are in for some AWESOME tutorials for the skirt…ready:
those are the TWO pictures I took. lol. awesome.
but if you can see by the first picture..I made a MADE circle skirt! I knew I wanted something that a tu tu could go over…so of course the circle skirt. and let me tell you….it took about 20 minutes…top. easiest.skirt.ever. (it helped that my daughter’s waist was the same as dana’s daughters so I didn’t have to do any math!) (go here for the how to!)
Then I took 2 yards of black tulle cut into strips and tied them around some elastic that was sewn together.
easy enough…but in case you NEED a tutorial..HERE is a one. (did I ever tell you this girl is my neighbor…I literally can see into her yard from my back porch. she planted trees so I would stop spying on her.)
these are two separate pieces. you could sew them together but we like to wear our tutus with other things!
for the shirt …
i  was making some salsa….and happened to have the cans sitting on my counter! how convenient for me.
traced around and cut out.
I made a bow and hot glued it onto the black polka dot minnie…then I pinned it to her shirt and sewed it on.
ready for the result: (let’s remember that this was for my 3 year old daughter….so this pictures are awesome (said sooooo sarcastically that it’s not even funny)
then I whipped out another shirt for my other daughter….I had the circle left over from my circle skirt…
just traced some ears
cut out and put some black fabric behind and stitched it on (loosely so I could remove it to preserve the white shirt!)
stay tuned….cause there is more mickey stuff on the way…so much in fact..you might puke polka dots.
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