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Potato Bag

You might not know what a Potato Bag is….I didn’t even know until a few months ago and I live in Idaho–the land of Potatoes.  But now that I use it…I will never go back.
This bag is a bag you put your potatoes in, throw it (or place it) in the microwave, heat, and the end result is super fluffy, soft, baked potatoes. I mean like awesome…and to make one is super easy.
You will need two pieces of COTTON fabric size 22×13
and one piece of COTTON batting size.22×13
(I buy this stuff–it makes about 5 or 6 potato bags depending on the size)
You are going to put right sides together of the fabric. Then lay the cotton on top.
You are going to sew up the two end sides.
sew up the side You are going to flip it so the right sides are out. flip it right side out layer up the fabrics
And then sew the edges again to make a more finished edge (you can also trim if needs be)
Now, pay attention. This is the part that is hard to explain–look closely at the picutures.
You are going to fold over one side about 1 1/2 inches down.
Then you are going to bend up the other side to match up with it (this is going to create the flap that closes it)
Now you are going to sew up the sides.
  two sides of bag
now you can trim these edges if you you need to…
Then you are going to turn it right side out.
and sew up the sides one more time. (this makes it so no unfinished edges are visible!
To Use: Wash Potatoes. Dry Potatoes. Wrap in Paper Towel (no need to poke any holes) This bag fits 4 medium potatoes. If you have a bigger microwave and a bigger family…you can make your bag bigger. Cook according to the microwave directions. (mine has a potato button.) You can also cook your corn on the cob or heat up tortilla shells.
Any lots of fun fabric can be used!
I love them!
If you can’t sew they actually sell these in stores now!

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