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gummy worm drinks

You know i’m lazy…but still desire to be the “cool” mom. It’s a bad combo.

So I like coming up with easy things…that are easy…and super easy. easy.


And these gummy worm drinks are easyyyyyy like a Sunday morning. (Cept sunday mornings around my house are cuckoo crazy.) gummy worm drinks ice cube tray Buy gummy worms….fill up the ice cube tray– gummy worms in ice cubes and freeze. gummy worm drink for Halloween

Then poor in your cup with your favorite beverage –bing bang booom. Told you it was easy. gummy worm halloween drink

You can see…what ever kind of pop you put in gives a different look! Clear, orange soda, root bear, this is a peach drink… gummy worm drink You can also freeze spider rings or other fun treats (the mom in me wants to remind you not to put anything that could be a choking hazard!)

651x434xIMG_9619_thumb.jpg.pagespeed.ic.cxfYINkl91 easy halloween drink Make sure to check out this other fun drink idea! easy-ghost-and-pumpkin-drinks fun Halloween gummy worm drinks easy treat


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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.