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Stenciled Trick or treat tote bag

You might remember when I painted my own pillows (head here)

Well the amazing Cutting Edge Stencil has come up with fun Halloween themed ones!

stenciled trick or treat tote bag

I got this stencil (what I love about these kits is that if you already have a paint-a-pillow you can just buy the stencils and pillows (or tote bag) separately instead of the whole kit!)

It comes with a little stencil and scrap canvas so you can practice! Just roll on (make sure that isn’t too much paint on your roller!)

paint on skull


Then it was time to add the detail.. paint in stencil

Then I just kind of played around and added some paint for a dimension look.

paint how to skull

Then I thought stripes would be fun… painted skull with stripes


and Hot glue on some pom pom! pom pom tote bag

(I literally hot glued it on! no sew!) adtech glue gun

pom pom trim on bag

That’s what makes these kits so much fun–You can do the stencil and it looks great…or you can branch out and let your creativity run wild. fun trick or treat bag We are ready to trick or treat!!!  easy paint your own bag


They have tons of fun stencil designs (and you can put them on pillows!) I kind of want to do this fun rat for my front porch!

Which one would you pick??? halloween-stencil-collection-diy-cutting-edge-stencils-pillows-totes-crafts

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