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paint a pillow

I’m so excited for today’s post! I have been on the hunt for house decor. I just need finishing touches–like throw pillows. But I have combined some weird color combos and I can’t find exactly what I want!

So I just decided to use PAINT-A-PILLOW
paint a pillow It is a whole fun kit that lets you make a pillow in the pattern and color of your choice!
designer-pillows-diy-stenciled-cushions_1 so many fun designs…here are some of my FAVORITES! –I love that you can add two or more colors–totally customize it!

paint a pillow The kit is amazing! Comes with your pillow case (you can choose white or natural) and your stencil. It has holes in that makes it easy to put on! cheetah pillow how to and you can pick your color of paint and a roller and a perfect stencil brush to get the edges….and even a sample stencil and fabric to practice! supplies Just roll on (make sure not to have too much paint on the roller!)  customize painted pillowcase They have a GREAT video HERE that shows you what to do (and how easy it is)  closeup of pillow

realistically..you could do two different patterns and colors on each side…a fun way to change up your  decor! I also thought it would super fun to add in a character or initial!

fun designs on pillows

I totally want to throw on this chandelier stencil for my daughter! She would LOVE it! (and these stencils are reusable! You could tie in the pillows and stencil on a dresser or wall! chandelier-cute-throw-pillows_1

It’s an AMAZING zipper closure! zip pillow enclosure I’m so excited to get these done! I’ve finally got a handle on my bedroom design…you can see the cheetah pillow at the top!  It’s the first thing (other than order the fabric) that I’ve gotten done! bedroom 1 I’m so excited to get the wheels in motion!!!

pillows make sure to check out Paint-A-Pillow! It would be a super fun craft night activity with the ladies!

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