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How to organize your embroidery floss

  A couple weeks ago I got to go to Snap blog conference (it was AMAZZZING) I got to go to a fun hands on class with Bev from Flamingo toes to make THIS awesome embroidery hoop art and on the table were these little…..things. I had no idea what they were! We had to […]

Washi tape as a sewing guide

  Today I have an easy little craft hack–use washi tape again! I think it’s so helpful when you are teaching someone to sew…especially kids! You can extend it across the whole sewing machine to help keep that fabric straight!    Just line up the fabric and go!    You can head here to catch […]

Craft tip Tuesday–get rid of those glue gun hairs!

If you are a regular user of your glue gun –you know that with your glue gun comes those dreaded glue gun HAIRS! Strings that lay across your project and drive you crazy! (or at least they drive me crazy!)  Today I’m going to show you how to get rid of them! SO EASY!   […]

Craft tip tuesday–give paintbrushes a second life!

I don’t know what it is about cleaning out my paint brushes…but I hate the task. If I won the lottery I would just buy brushes in bulk and throw them away when I was done with them! But since I’m no millionaire…I just have to deal. I always put it off too long–and my […]

Craft Tip Tuesday!

Today’s craft tip Tuesday is keeping your paintbrush wet in between coats or if you get interrupted during the process.   You can even do this on a larger scale! Put your paint roller and tray in a big garbage bag and get all the air out! Keeps it fresh for about 24 hours! And […]

craft tip Tuesday!

I was working on a project (stay tuned–it’s a super fun one!) and my stamps weren’t cutting it (literally!) I remembered this little craft tip! So I had to share! Enjoy!