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crafts memes…round 5!

Seriously Round 5. I love my craft memes. I actually love when I make them because they apply to me…and when I share them on facebook–you guys all comment and share because they apply to you! craft hoarders unite!   P.S. I have a lot of Hobby Lobby ones. Because A. I never know how […]

hilarious craft memes–round 4

yup! A round 4! Cause what’s more fun than crafting…then poking fun of our crafting tendencies!  Which one is your favorite??     round three is HERE  and you can go HERE to see round two and round one…is HERE! 

Funny craft memes…round 3!

It’s that time again…time to realize that you aren’t the only person that buys a ridiculous  amount of fabric…or that you have to hide it from your husband. Or that the hobby lobby employees know you by name! Let us unite in our awesomeness! CRAFTERS UNITE!!!        You can see round 1 here and […]

funny craft memes—round two!

Last December over on FACEBOOK Someone left a funny comment that I had to turn into a meme. And that post went VIRAL. MILLIONS of people saw it. And something just clicked.  I thought to myself, self. You are funny. and you are crafty. and you hoard a ridiculous amount of fabric. and you can combine […]

The funniest Craft memes!

You all know I love to craft. and I love to laugh… so let’s combine the two into a perfect marriage of funny craft memes! I share  a bunch on my facebook page (go here) but thought a roundup was definitely in order! enjoy! source source source source source source source source source source source […]

You might be crafty if…..

You have paint splatters on the majority of your clothes You have little round burn marks on your hands that could only be from a glue gun. You don’t even notice the smell of spray paint anymore. (actually, you might even like it!) Your kids have eaten sitting on the floor because your current craft […]