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a “cool” bandana

it’s HOT outside…. so let’s cool down with this awesome neck bandana (you throw in the freezer to get cool and wrap it around your neck when you are sweaty and hot) and it only takes 1 bandana and some beans…so less than $1.50! you wrap it in a tube–and it’s got beans in so […]

bandana roundup!

so…to end our fun bandana week..(well at least i hope you had fun!) i got a whole bunch of other fun ways to use it (or incorporate the design…! source like these floor cushions! how awesome would these be in a toy room? source or paint the design on a cake! love this! source source […]

bandana bow tie (all hot glue!)

i love a man in bow tie. i love a little boy in bow ties even more! and this hot glue bow tie is really easy!!!!! you need 1 bandana…and a hot glue gun. 1. this is the bandana i used…you will want to pick which section you want to show before you slice and […]

bandana for the boy

  now…not to leave out the boy… i’ve got some fun ┬ábandana boy ideas! my son loves dress up…and pirates…and anything violent. so try out this easy bandana mask.. i folded over one bandana to make a triangle and stitch along the bottom (you can omit the is step if you want) then i cut […]

bandana purse

this ruffly purse takes 2 bandanas….and a little more sewing skills you are going to need the two center pieces….. then for the ruffles you cut the design like this…so they are all even. cut the middle piece down to size–however big or small you want it. then ruffle the strips (you can do these […]

4th of july bandana wreath

so i cheated! i wanted to make this wreath (this wasn’t in the plans–but i last minute decided i needed a new 4th of july wreath) and i went to walmart and letmetellya….those bandanas were picked over! seriously…they are sparse!!!! and NO red white or blue ones to be seen…. so i was going to […]

Bandana Week—easy bandana apron!

okay…remember yesterday when i said that yesterday was one of the easiest things to sew.. i will eat my words…this bandana apron is! in fact..you don’t even have to sew it if you didn’t want too! you could totally use hot glue! 1 bandana and 1 ribbon that will go around your waist and have […]