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Top posts of 2015

2015 was a great year! Every year this little blog grows and grows….and it makes me so incredible grateful! I put my heart and soul (and MANY MANY hours) into this blog and so when I can see results it makes all those late nights worth it! I wanted to do a quick rundown of […]

Best tutorials of all time!

so…i’ve done these countdowns every year–it’s super fun to see how they compare from year to year! (you can go HERE to see all previous years)I’ve tried to keep the most popular posts on my sidebar…easy access.  but here you go…the best of the best (and i only rate this on how many times crap […]

my favorite tops of 2013

my son’s memory quilt.…so sentimental! these baby canvases are such a fun gift! this diy bike basket is used often! (well not at the moment seeing how it’s like 10 degrees) i can’t tell you how much i love my magnetic bowls…seriously. i want 30 more. so handy to know…adding length to necklace one of […]

a rundown of 2013

and when i say “rundown” i mean get comfortable and grab something to keep you hydrated. 2013 was a great blogging year! i had a blast and really felt like i learned so much about the “business” side of blogging (even though it hurts my head most of the time!) in 2013 i blogged about […]

best of all time mostly thanks to pinterest….

one of my personal favs (as well as pinterest) was the walt disney printables… even though i STILL get comments about spelling mistakes. princess bags were a huge hit…and it’s a 100% hot glue project! yipped! one of those tutorials that i kick myself for not taking better pictures… but this altoid box is a hit! this […]

popular posts of 2012

vinyl and shoes…. tiered skirts my superhero pegs.… and princess pegs….   this title kind of gives it away…but diy your own skinny jeans! instrgram apps (YOU can follow me at kimbowest) my roygbiv canvas from sytyc this quilt that can be turned into a car mat another favorite of mine…the ruffled table runner hot glue camera […]

MY personal favs from 2012

sunshine dress some of my favorite things this year was getting to be in project run and play—love the opportunity to create fun clothes–and getting the one on one to do a photo shoot! some of my favorite pictures i have ever taken! white sheet challenge the boy look i also got to participate in […]

top twelve overall….

#1 is……  the menu board (my personal fav) #2 the car mats! all 420 of them… #3 diy drum shade #4  stuffed animal scarfs #5 faux board and batten #6 hopscotch (and other games!) #7 star wars picture #8 ruffled lampshade #9 my vinyl HOME #10 ruffled aprons! love these cute little things! #11 cupcake stand […]

I thought i might get my act together and post today…

but i have to tell you. i have not missed you blog. no. that is a lie.  i have missed you. but after the craziness that is christmas it is sure dang nice to not plug in the glue gun.. and i don’t think i will until well into next week. so this will not […]