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Bathroom cleaning checklist.

If you know me–You know I’m BIG into having my kids help out around the house! CHORES for everyone! I think its A. a valuable life skill to learn how to probably scrub a toilet or push a broom around and B. Teaches you a little respect when you have to clean up after people […]

Chore sticks

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. l always get so excited for summer–because summer might mean sunshine, flip flops, and Popsicle sticks–but I associate summer with CHORES! I don’t like lazy kids–and if I don’t give my […]

chore board with free printables!

EVERY summer I come up with a game plan to keep my kids from sitting on their butts. It’s kinda an obsession….my kids hate it…but I LOVE IT! There was the day by day printables¬† the sticks and point system a spinner to pick which kid the laminated version magnetic fridge version and the clipboard […]

our summer system to keep my kids from killing each other….hopefully.

Hello, my name is inigo montoya kim west and I’m addicted to chore charts. really. This is about my 7th here on the blog. maybe cause i’m dumb. maybe cause I assume my kids are the same as me. small attention spans. I mean new stuff is fun and you are excited to play with […]