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Silhouette LOVE- Test cut!

A very simple…yet very IMPORTANT feature that silhouette offers! TEST CUT! Make sure those cut settings are correct so you don’t waste/ruin vinyl (because that is so freaking frustrating!) I’ll show you how!

The Silhouette test cut is a simple thing that makes your life so much easier. BELIEVE ME! I have learned the hard way!

Quick backstory: My very first time using vinyl- I thought it had to be cut out like paper–ALL the way through. I remember that my sister wanted her kid’s names for a thing she was making…and I literally handed her a sandwich baggie full of one inch letters that she had to piece together one by one and peel the backing off. (and of course, that was before I knew about transfer tape!) We all have to start somewhere!

BUT: you do not want to cut all the way through your vinyl! No matter if you are cutting adhesive or heat transfer- you only want to cut through one layer.

If it’s adhesive you want to only cut through the vinyl–leaving the paper backing. This is where I accidentally left it on glitter HTV settings and cut right through my glitter adhesive!

but since it was a test cut–I just adjusted my settings and ran another test cut-and perfect-o!


and when cutting HTV–you want to cut through the back of the vinyl and leave the clear transfer tape intact!

How (and why) to run a Test Cut

The Silhouette makes it super easy peasy to do a test cut- right before you send to your cameo! Just a quick click of the button! I’ll show you exactly how to do it in the video below! AND there is a cutting edge reference! Can you guess what it is?

Save your vinyl. save your sanity. Save your time! TEST CUT!

all my vinyl is from here: https://shrsl.com/yqv3

Snag a Silhouette cameo here: https://amzn.to/2THc9vL

The Aspire to Inspire used in the video is one of the cut files in this bundle! 

Make sure to go HERE to watch all the silhouette Love videos so you can better learn the ins and outs of what your silhouette cameo is capable of!


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