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Easy Group Disney shirts

Headed to Disneyland? Here is an easy group shirt idea that will showcase everyone’s personalities! 

(luckily we got this picturee before splash moutain…because 4 of us got soaked on that ride!

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I love Disneyland! And do you know where I got my love for Disneyland? From my mom. So when her birthday rolled around–we decided that the only true way to celebrate would be a sister’s trip with mom!  We booked our trip through Get Away Today

And make sure to splurge for the Fast Pass on your phone! IT’s so worth it! I talk about it here! 

We wanted matching Disney shirts- and after hours on Pinterest, we still didn’t have an idea that we all loved. Luckily, we had some Expressions Vinyl Patterened Vinyl laying around. And the idea was born! We could do fun group Disney shirts with it!

Here is what we came up with:

I have a whole post all about the best shirts to buy for vinyl! 


A very basic Mickey Mouse head shape- Which means it’s easy to cut and weed. Extra bonus when you are making 6 shirts! I sent the link to all the patterned Heat transfer vinyl and each person picked out their favorite patterns! Cut them all out with my silhouette cameo and then pressed them easy peasy with my cricut easypress!  I love them because each pattern shows the personality of the one showing it. We have a checkerboard (that matches the checkered vans.) floral, leopard, Aztec, and camo! Expressions Vinyl has all the holiday patterns too so if you were going to be there for Halloween- you could have spider vinyl or pumpkin patterned! So many options to make fun group disney shirts no matter what size of your group!

We had WAYYY too much fun. and ate WAYYY to much.  and our feet were so tired when we were done!  I highly recommend everyone taking a Disney trip with your gal pals!

I have lots of Disney posts! Check them out here! 

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