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layering vinyl-How to get it lined up perfectly

All the details are here on how to layer adhesive vinyl and getting it to line up perfectly.  I’m going to walk you through 3 different ways to get it set up in your silhouette studio software- cut out with your vinyl-and apply it to your project!

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Let’s be honest- This is so much easier to see than explain! So I whipped up a video for you!

Here are the two projects we are layering-



Items used in the video:


8 different layers of vinyl! Let’s be honest- Layering colors really makes projects POP! This is a pretty labor intensive project- you could start with layering maybe two colors and work your way up!


The first battle is getting it all organized to cut it out in your silhouette software- there are a couple of different ways! Notice the picture of the finished projects- I always upload it so I can use it for reference!

See those triangles? Those are the key to getting it all to layer properly! You cut them out with each color of vinyl and that’s what lines everything up!

For the goggles, I show you how to apply it directly to the project and for the notebook I show you how to assemble it first before you apply it to your project. You either start from the bottom and work your way up- or start at the top and work your way down.


To get the vinyl layers around each of the letters- remember you can use the OFFSET button! I have a whole post here  

It’s a great technique if you want layers- and I totally recommend doing a solid layer of vinyl around any patterned vinyl projects to make them stand out.

Make sure to pin an image so you can save it for later for reference! I hope you get out there and make some fun layered projects!



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