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Dollar store hack: wood sign!


Here is what you need to make a fun wood sign

  • Dollar Tree Wood sign
  • sandpaper
  • paint or scrapbook paper (depending on what version you make)
  • vinyl
  • embellishments


Wood sign with paint (version 1)

This version is definitely more time-consuming. But looks dynamite! I started by peeling off the paper (a little water to get it damp helps get the stubborn pieces off. What is left is the glue backing–I just misted it with a squirt bottle and rubbed it with a damp rag.

After the paper is all removed-I taped off the top so I could spray paint it!

Now I have $1 cute blanks ready for vinyl!

Troubleshooting: My first thought was just to sand it down and paint. After I painted it-I could still see the words. If you are putting a busy cute vinyl saying over it–you might not notice! BUT if you want it to look professional, I would go the extra mile and peel off the paper.


Wood Sign with paint (version 2)

This version is easier- but a little more busy and you are limited to what scrap book paper you can find! I tried to find ones that weren’t too busy that a solid color of vinyl would pop off of! (Got these all at Hobby Lobby)

I just laid the picture on the paper and traced around it and cut it out. You could mod podge this- (I’ll be honest- my mod podge always wrinkles) So I opted to just hot glue it directly onto the board.

Add Decorations to wood sign

After you have painted or added scrapbook paper–you can add your fun decorations! I cut out some vinyl with my silhouette cameo!

If you are adding it the painted sign–make sure the paint is totally dry or you will have a big mess on your hands

and if you are adding to the paper version–I totally recommend using transfer tape from Expressions Vinyl–it will release and not pull up the scrapbook paper (BUT I would double check a scrap to just make sure!)

Then you could add ribbon, pom poms, bells, wreaths–anything goes to truly make it your own!

The joy signs I found in the silhouette store–

But the o come let us adore him is from my cut file bundle here! 

I love how they turned out! I have one on my Christmas tree and one on my wreath on my front porch! If you have supplies on hand- you are really only spending $1 a board. $1 for vinyl and $1 for supplies (paint, paper, ribbon!) $3 for these gorgeous signs! And you can totally do these for any season or anytime of the year!


updated–I keep making them! Here are some more:

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