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How to make a Balloon Arch

When I was sharing sneak peaks of my Luau party–I had SO MANY QUESTIONS on how to make a balloon arch–I knew I had to put a post together. You know…cause I’ve created 3 so far–so I’m PRETTY MUCH an expert!! lol!

First up: Let’s talk about supplies you need to make your life easier.

Supplies to make a balloon arch

A balloon pump makes light work for all these balloons. We really use this baby a lot! Saves us so much time and effort!

How to assemble a balloon arch

Step one: blow up those balloons! I try to do this the day of the party–BUT our balloon garland lasted a good couple days before it started wilting–so if you need to do this the day before–you can!

I like to blow up balloons–and assemble right away to contain the balloons from floating around everywhere. I just put them right onto the balloon strip.

So let’s talk the balloon decorating strip. This stuff is AWESOME. It’s a plastic clear strip with holes punched in it. You pull the balloon knot through it and it keeps it in place!

The holes are pretty close together–so I didn’t hit every hole. I inflated most balloons pretty full…but then only inflated some pretty small–I like the look of varying sizes and it’s easier to fit small ones in between! You don’t need to make it look perfect yet–that’s what the glue dots are for!

After I got the main strip done…I attached it to our backdrop stand (you could rig something up with pvc pipe too.

I ziptied it onto the frame…but sometimes the balloons were really full and I couldn’t reach it..so I used some fishing line to help connect it.

After I had it up–I went through with some glue dots and filled in with some balloons in areas that looked sparse. I wanted it to look even- (tape or fishing line would work too)

This balloon garland I made came with these leaves because it was a tropical theme! Depending on your party–you could add so many fun little decorations in there (using glue dots)

Now the question I got asked the mosttttest!

How long does the balloon garland last

I kept this balloon garland up for a week! Just so I could answer this question for you! It actually held up pretty darn good. 4 days it looked good…by the 5th day..some balloons were starting to shrink. There were still lots of balloons that were full though. So if you could have easily replaced the bad ones with new fresh ones if you wanted to keep it alive!

Balloon garlands are totally fun and addicting! Mostly because balloons are so inexpensive! and they make such an impact!

We made a couple balloon garlands for Snap Conference…This was our main hallway decoration

Our snap sisters booth

And the hallway decoration

and our super cool galaxy party!

This one we actually put a rope light through and had a mix of mylar and latex balloons

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