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Candy bar game printable

I found this old candy bar game typed up in my journal–which means two things-I’m a hoarder–and I love game/candy as much now as I when I was a kid! I thought I would make it look a lot prettier so you can have this free printable and play it at your next get together.

A quick word: When I played this with my husband…he claimed that a laffy taffy wasn’t a “bar” (but he didn’t say anything about skittles or m&ms because he got those right!) So as you are handing these out–you might want to say a quick disclaimer-It’s all stuff that can be found in the candy bar section at the gas station or grocery store–but not necessarily a “bar”

You can purchase a bunch of candy bars and the person who gets the most right gets to pick first! Or you could do a whole candy bar themed game night and play this fun CANDY BAR DICE GAME–It’s my kid’s favorite and it has gone crazy on pinterest so I think it’s a favorite of everyones!

You could also do a candy bar taste test. You buy a bunch of candy bars and cut them up and people can taste test or try to figure out just by site! There are quite a few candy bars that look similar…and really–LOTS of candy bars I have never tried so I have no idea what they look/taste like.

Okay–grab the printable down below–there is the blank version and the master copy with the answers!


If you need another fun party game–try this memory game!

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