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Lightbox diy with vinyl

You know I love putting my own little spin on everything!!! And that includes even my lightbox! I love adding my own fun lettering to make it a little more custom! and guess what! I’m going to show you a hack to make these reusable over and over again! A perfect little lightbox diy with vinyl


lightbox inserts how to with vinyl

If you look closely–I actually just put the vinyl right onto the light box…and then when it was done I peeled it up and threw it away. Waste!

lightbox diy

Light box insert hack


A laminator! I just got one for Christmas and literally just ran through one of these laminating pouches without anything inside.


Then I just trimmed it down. One sheet can make 3 inserts! 

Then I just cut it out with some vinyl (I love using Expressions Vinyl--in any color! The black pops really good with the lights off…but you could use the etched vinyl for a fun subtle design (like a snowflake etc) 


Weed it and add some transfer tape.

You just center it onto the laminated strip and peel off of the transfer tape and then slide that baby right in! 

You can totally make all custom lettering on the 3 levels… but I love pairing a cursive, fancy font with the bold lettering. 


and they look so cute when the light is glowing!! 


(This blessing is actually from one of my free cut files! Click here! )


Here are a couple  of the ones I have made over the past year! 

See…a lightbox made so cute with a little vinyl and a little diy! 


If you want to see some other fun vinyl projects make sure to go here! 

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