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Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Faces

I’m releasing my next round of awesome cut files…this time it’s FAll and Halloween bundle (which I’m calling…FALL-O-WEEN) and included in that (over 34 files) is clipart to make your own Jack-O-Lantern faces!  YOu can use these in soooo many different ways- I mean…you can use these to decorate pumpkins (no mess!) pin the tooth on the pumpkin game would be perfect for school party! But If you think outside the box…these faces can go on SO MANY FUN THINGS!! Here are my faces:



I found an orange tote and had my daughter pick out her eyes, ears, and mouth and she made a custom tote bag! So cute!


Perfect little trick or treat bag! 


And I had a few small ones cut out–perfect to put on cups for a fun party idea! The green is frank (or a witch) a red cup could be a vampire! White cup..a ghost! 

You could actually make a bunch of fun cups and a 2 liter bottle of orange soda and have a great gift idea to “boo” your neighbors with!

Also threw some on a giant bucket of cheese balls. Talk about the easiest treat to bring to a party!

I even added some to candles that sit on my porch! Perfect Ghost!

And I know you are thinking…those are all great ideas! And now I’m going to overwhelm you with EVEN more amazing ideas!!! Enjoy!

Slime jars


Ghost candles 



Found this cute bowl at target! 

jack o lantern cups


Wood Blocks


Old cans

Halloween Balloons

and latex!


Here is an old ghost balloon I made!




candy milk jars


Cute Halloween shirt


Milk cans

cups. Perfect for parties! 

Mason Jars

Wooden spoons

Halloween balloon treats

Treat bags

Water bottles


Baby food jars


Tide pods

Water bottles


Glass bottles 

Pumpkin Pillow

Tin cans 


Party poppers

Wine Bottles


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