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Dollar store pumpkins


Every time I walk into the Dollar store–I grab one (or 10) of these dollar store pumpkins!

They are just SO CHEAP!!! BUT–they are dollar store. So that means they aren’t the greatest. They definitely need to be razzled dazzled a little bit more! So I’m going to show you what I’ve done with some–plus ideas on what else to do. PLUS an easy stem diy from a paper bag!!

First up–fabric wrapped. A few things to note: if you are doing a white or light colored fabric-I recommend painting the pumpkin first. You can kind of see the orange peeking through.  These first two pictures are fabric that is mod podged on. I added some twine to this one.

This one is basically a sleeve that I tied up at the top instead of a stem. I did hot glue the bottom so it could sit flat.

Easy peasy. 

Same fabric…but this one I had some leftover blanket batting..so I cut panels and hot glued it to the pumpkin before attaching the fabric. Gives it a little more fattness which I loved.

I  wrapped this on with yarn. Just hot glue, yarn. hot glue yarn.


and PAINTED. These pumpkins are totally paintable! Just nice light coats and you are good to go! So many options!

Let me show you how I made this stem that you can bend into whatever shape you want! !

How to make a pumpkin stem

Things you need

  • paper bag
  • wire
  • hot glue

I rip this paper bag at an angle so when you make the stem it will taper like a real stem.

I crinkle it up and and then start twisting it around the wire. I use hot glue as I go to keep it in place. Don’t be afraid to rip off pieces or add pieces as needed.

You can also get it damp a little bit to help it press into each other.


Most of the dollar store pumpkin stems aren’t even straight…so I just rip it out and then add in my wire stem poked right down!

You can just bend it now to get the shape you want and then hot glue!

After it’s in the pumpkin…you can add another layer of brown paper around the base to make it look like part of the pumpkin!


Here is an image if you need to pin this to save for later:

Another fun thing we did with dollar store pumpkins is a kid’s crafting challenging! I grabbed 3 pumpkins and gave one to each kid. THe challenge: decorate your pumpkin however you want! (I actually made you guys vote on my instagram (come follow me! Agirlandagluegun) It was super fun to see what the kids came up with. My oldest daughter sharpie doodled all over it. My youngest daughter painted all the Halloween things. Son hot glued on gummy candy to make a face!

It was a super fun way to spend a Saturday!


Now…if I haven’t talked you yet into heading down the dollar tree—well then here is a list of even more GORGEOUS and creative ideas!

Ideas on how to upcycle Dollar Store Pumpkins


Dollar store pumpkin into a succulent planter


and a white version! These would be such a great centerpiece on Thanksgiving table!


Gold word pumpkin 


Sweater wrapped dollar store pumpkins! 

Mummy wrapped pumpkin

This one isn’t a dollar store pumpkin–but the concept can still be used! Mod Podge a fun napkin or paper on it!


Plaid painted pumpkins


This pumpkin makeover is stunning! Plus check out her polymer clay stems!


Love this wood stem one! 

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