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LDS Family Feud with printables!

I have a new calling at my church! . I’ve been in activity days. Primary. Relief Society…and now I’m back in Young Woman’s!  (If you want to know more about my church…go here!) The miamaids were in charge of mutual…and we came up with this fun game–LDS FAMILY FEUD! I asked my friends–and they helped come up with some fun questions–and then I opened up all the questions to my facebook friends (the poll of a 100 people!) 

I just went to my local dollar tree and grabbed about $10 worth of poster board. I used front and back of the white poster boards for the answers! I drew the LDS FEUD–and I made 3 x’s! I also cut up the red poster boards and used it to cover up the answers. I have printables down below–just print them out and cut them and glue them on the poster board–or you can just write them in with a sharpie!

To play. Watch Family Feud. We didn’t have a bonus round–but we divided evenly so we had beehives, miamaids and laurels all mixed together–but this would be fun to do young men against young woman in combined mutual activity!


In the printables I have the answers–so as they guess–I just peeled off the papers. (or put up an x if they were wrong) 


I have printables for all the questions and answers-so technically you could just cover up the answers on the paper and only use that….but I wanted something a little bigger!




Okay–here are the printables!

and you can go here to see all my church posts! 

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