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diy puff paint! Great kid’s craft

I’m not going to lie. I wrote up this whole post like it’s a kid’s art activity…when it all honesty…I doodled the heck out of them! This diy puff paint recipe is tooo much fun! 


I made a quick video… because it’s pretty darn satisfying to watch!


Here are the ingredients: (I had most of these things on hand thanks to daughter’s obsessions with slime!!)

  • flour
  • glue
  • shaving cream
  • food coloring
  • bottles or plastic baggies
  • bowls 

Here is the ratio. You can add more shaving cream if it’s not easy to stir. You don’t want to make it too runny or else it won’t stay puffy–BUT you don’t want it too clumped together or it won’t be able to be squeezed out! 

then you can separate it and add in the food coloring! 

We put ours in these fun ketchup squeeze containers we found at the target dollar spot–but you can put them in a plastic baggie and cut the corner just as easily! 

THen doodle! We thought the colors really popped off the black paper! 

If you want to see more fun kids art ideas–this is one of my favorite posts!

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