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Library mural

Last week I got the opportunity to go visit my sister in Kuna, Idaho and paint up a mural for her library! I used to paint murals all the time–and it was so much fun to get back into it!!

Before I share the pictures…I want to give you a little backstory! The Kuna Library had an amazing children’s librarian by the name of JoAnna. She was in charge of a lot of fun features for kids at the library and was loved by everyone!  They lost Miss JoAnna last fall after a hard fought battle with illness. The library wanted to create a special corner devoted to her and all the amazing things she did! It was a tall order–But lots of the librarians jumped in to let me know her favorites–so hopefully I added enough little details to make JoAnna proud!


(Joanna dressed as “super Penelope!” One of the characters she came up with (and you will see in the photos)

Now that you know –This area will make a little more sense as I explain things!

Alright! Are you ready??

I present: Miss Joanna’s Corner!

This is the area that they do “mini Monet” art projects. So they wanted it bright and colorful and fun. Original idea that was given to me was a rainbow on the big wall and a place to hang art on the opposite wall. and I sat on that for awhile and came up with nothing. Then the idea of doing a big quote came up…and the wheels started turning. I knew I could turn some letters into book characters…and I made a list of popular kid’s books and the ideas wouldn’t stop!


(the only “process” shots I got! I did share quite a bit on Instagram (come follow me! Agirlandagluegun) 


Starting left corner and moving right…we have Charlotte’s Web…

and then Miss Joann’s art section.

The top are her examples of the art projects they did so she could show the kids and the bottom is where they will hang up Kid’s art!


JoAnna loved Cinderella…so we included some blue birds to hold up her banner (there is also a glass slipper)

Stuck in the corner is the big giving tree! Lots going on. Curious George, Cheshire cat,


Diary of a Wimpy kid (reading Holes)

and JoAnna’s initials in the tree!

and the giving tree is dropping an apple down to Super Penelope! 

She’s standing on Some of Joanna’s favorite books (McClure was a big favorite!)

This section has a lot of little books going on…do you recognize them? 9 kid’s books!

I had my sister pick out a page to copy…loving this one!

Above the book is the big quote. It’s by Velveteen Rabbit and is one of my favorites!

Each letter is a book (besides the pencil although I’m sure I can find a kid’s book that includes a pencil!

I-rainbow fish

M If you give a mouse a cookie

A. A bad case of the Stripes

G Where the wild things are



E Hungry Hungry catepillar

D-Dr. Seuss!


….and the buttons that are the quotation marks are from Pete the cat!

and a little nod to Fancy Nancy! 

Fly guy is on here

I stuck a lightning bolt in the cloud –Percy jackson nod. A snitch is flying around (another favorite book of JoAnnas!)



Next up is my favorite little guy…I wasn’t quite sure how to tie this fire alarm into the picture…but I had this book sitting there and it just clicked! One of my favorites!  and then we end on a big note! the BFG! I wasn’t sure I was going to have time to paint him–he was the very last thing I put up! 

People would come and try to sneak peaks (I was curtained off) and the process always looks so weird. Until you get the black outline on, it just looks a little awkward !

Seriously! this bird is just kind of a blue mess until I outline! 

Overall…it took about 26 hours of painting time. 2 days and a morning (to paint the bfg!) I use regular tole paint (and I love Decoart because it’s nice and thick and I HATE waiting for paint to dry–so when you need 2 quotes to cover it takes FOREVER!)

I also don’t seal it. Once paint dries…you have to WANT it off to be able to rub it off. I’m sure a magic eraser and some good rubbing and you could get some paint off….but for normal wear and tear and kid’s touching -it should be great!


So there you go! It was such a fast trip and a quick paint job but I had so much fun! If you are near Kuna Idaho…drop in and see it!





About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.