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Cupid Target practice.

I’ve got a fun Valentine’s game for you today! Cupid target practice! And two ways to play!

(I have the printables for you down below! You can print them out and put them on balloons and shoot with a fun nerf gun (we have a crossbow…which I am sure 21st century cupid is using these days!

I’ve said it once and I will say it again…Having a balloon tank is like the funnest thing!

You can fill up balloons anytime! Put them on a present or play a game with them. Or just give them to kids to keep them entertained! I used up my first one and had to go out and buy another one!!

Or just print out the big one and hang up and have the kids shoot!

(I opt for the balloons because the nerf bullets bounce off and adds a fun element to it!

you can grab these target printables HERE!



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