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How to sew a planket (and what a planket is!)

If you have no idea what a planket is…that’s okay. Cause I’m pretty sure it’s made up. BUT…once you see what it is..you will be itching to sew one because they are just that cool.

Planket: Pillow bLANKET

(also known as a Quillow –quilt/pillow)

It’s a blanket that folds up into pillow! It’s awesome! I love having some in the car for kids to sleep with. Perfect for games to sit on those hard bleachers…and then if you are cold…unwrap it and have a blanket!


AND…it’s actually super easy to sew. You can buy a blanket and just the pocket right onto it! I did a facebook live so you can watch and see how to make one!

It’s just a little rectangle of fabric! The only thing that matters is the size —

and to not sew the opening that is facing the blanket.

Okay…just watch the video! It will make a lot more sense!


These plankets would make an awesome neighbor gift for Christmas…just pair them with my printables from yesterday!

and one of my most popular posts is this fleece blanket post! Check it out if you need ideas!


(you can see my old planket post here!) 

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