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How to use oramask stencil and free cut file


Today I want to show you some awesome new product from Expressions vinyl…ORAMASK!  It’s a stencil material–and I have been itching to try it out!! (and free cut file for this cute sign down at the bottom!)

Some of you might wonder why you would want to use a stencil instead of just using vinyl… I actually wrote up a whole post HERE. but the gist is if you want a nice distressed look or if you want to color match or don’t have the right color vinyl on hand! Oramask is cheaper than vinyl…so I totally recommend grabbing the 5 yard roll to have on hand! (and if you sign up for Expressions Vinyl emails they give you a 10% off code so even cheaper!

First…the oramask cuts like regular vinyl. You don’t have to reverse the image or anything. It has a backing and is sticky like vinyl. It feels a bit thicker than vinyl so …so make sure to do a test cut to guarantee a good cut. (cut on my Silhouette cameo! )

Next–weed like vinyl. Expect…you are going to weed away the part you want painted. I wanted to paint the words….so I took out each letter!


After it’s all weeded–Add the transfer tape to move it your project and adhere it easily. 

Before I peel off the backing..I like to play around with the fit on the frame so I can line it up just right!


Then peel off the backing and give it a good rub so it adheres great. (I love using this app tool! )

Peel off the transfer tape leaving the oramask on your project!

Time to add paint! I don’t add too much paint to my paintbrush…To prevent seeping under the vinyl. I just blot it on. (since it’s such a light pink…I did 2 coats…and wish I would have done one more!)

and for added fun…did the you in a gold!

After the last coat–peel up. I peel it up while the paint is still wet. and guess what….this stuff is AWESOME!  Vinyl is a good stencil….but I always had a little seeping around letters here and there. But when I pulled this off…each letter was CRISP!!! I am sold on oramask!


I sanded it down for a distressed look.

and now my cute sign is done! (wood frame tut is coming soon!)

So..did I love oramask??? WAY LOVE! It’s perfect. I honestly have never had crisper lines!

My sister was in town…so I thought I would get a cute picture of her daughter with the sign. (even though it was for a brand new baby gift!)

This is how well it went.

LOL! I did capture a good one of them both! 

For the free cut file:

The block font is Light of the mermaid

and the you is hand lettered by me on my ipad pro!

I added a little personalization because it was a baby gift! She actually posted this quote on her facebook page with the picture of her new baby!  It’s actually from this song:

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