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Spell Book

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A few years ago….My cousin sent me her fun spell book that she made. AND I had to make one right away! They were so fun! I only made one…and my kids have fought over it year after year! I found it hidden under my son’s bed in July. (Original post is here!)

I was at the library and they had a bunch of old books there were getting rid of for a quarter a piece…so I decided it was time for the kids to each make their own!

And we had a BLAST! They were all old enough to do the majority of it by themselves!

Here is what you need:

The whole process can be seen here on my youtube video:

The paper towel trick gives the book an old aged texture look!


Here is another one I did…I added a few layers of paper towel around the eyeball

Here is my daughter’s

and my other daughter’s…she does NOT believe in the less is more mentality.

and this is the back of one of our books…hot glue spiderweb!

and these words are just hot glued right on the book.

Some words to put on the spell book:

  • Spell Book
  • Dark magic
  • Dark Arts
  • Sorcery
  • Potions and Spells
  • curses
  • Black magic
  • hocus pocus


You can head HERE to see the original post and some step by step photos! 


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