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Sharpie shoes-fun teen craft!

I bought some plain white shoes at Walmart (for $6) so my daughter had something to wear on our camping trips so she didn’t ruin her nice sneakers. And of course we had to jazz them up! She did these all herself! (she’s 13!) Picked the neon paint color and doodled them up! Perfect teen craft! They are so cute I don’t even want her to wear them camping because I don’t want them to get dirty!  She picked this neon color from decoart!  I mix the paint with the fabric medium. It makes it so the paint won’t get stiff!  Then she painted! 

After they dried she took a sharpie and doodled!




Now I want to go buy me a pair of blank shoes and fancy them up! I think I will paint roses on them. Or something disney…or..a watermelon. or a pineapple..or.?

It’s so hard to capture how bright and fun this neon color is! 

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