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Dump dinner-the best camping food for a crowd!

We had our family annual campout this past week…and since there a lots of us, we split up the meals so we only have to cook once! AND this is what my sister brought–dump dinner! IT WAS AWESOME!!! We have lots of picky eaters…but no one person complained! And it was so yummy…plus it feeds so many!

You need a large milk can–My sister found these on Amazon-I found this cooker that was a little bit cheaper.

They lined the bottom with mason jar lids to keep anything from burning.

Then it’s just a matter of layering the food. Cabbage, onion, corn, potoatoes, carrots, and then sausage.

(you can add peppers or anything else you like!) They added all different types of sausage! The sausage is on the top because as it cooks it will add liquid over the vegetables! Every couple layers they sprinkled some Mr. Dash. Add a little water (My sister said they added 2 quarts for the 5 gallon bucket) 

Then add the lid and place on stove (or camp chef!) It basically acts as a steamer…cooks all that food in about 40- an hour! (when a steady steam comes out the top!)  Then you just dump out! They made their own “strainer” but adding holes to the bottom of one pan! 

Dump it out and mix it up and let people eat and enjoy! (this was one milk jug!) We did 2 and we had about 30 people. Lots leftover! 

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