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Diy Picnic Caddy

We bought a camper (3 years ago) but one of the first things I realized I needed was a picnic caddy (diy of course!) I wanted something to hold all our paper products–and I wanted to be able to move it outside if we are roasting hot dogs…and easily move it back inside! Since not everyone is campers…it works perfect for any outdoor entertaining!

And guys. This is the most lame tutorial ever…because I lost all the how to photos! But I’ll walk you through it! I used scrap wood. I literally grabbed some paper plates and made sure it was large enough to hold them. Cut four boards (for the main frame {arrows}) and glue and nailed them together.

Then I measured (and by I–I mean my husband under my adult supervision) the middle pieces. I actually nailed them together before sliding into place (it was a snug fit to get it back in the frame!)

Then I nailed it in place on the sides.

THEN I cut the bottom piece to size and nailed it in place–I didn’t want it heavy so I opted for really thin wood for the bottom panel.

Then stain and paint! I adore this blue from DecoArt–

I had these fun brackets –and added them as extra support (and cause it adds a fun pop!) Then fill it up! forks, spoons, knives, plates, napkins and salt and peppa–all the necessities!
You could totally swap out the forks and spoons and knives for ketchup, mustard and relish!

It also a good size to hold cups!

I even added some adorable paper straws in one of the spots!

I also thought it would be fun to add some rope handles by drilling holes and adding some knots in the rope (fun inspiration picture so you can visualize what I’m talking about) 


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