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Fonts that are worth the splurge!

I love free stuff. I do. It makes me all giddy to get fun and cute stuff for nada…and FONTS are no exception. That being said….Sometimes you find  stuff that is worth the splurge. Today I’m sharing some of my very favorite of my favorite fonts that are totally worth forking out some hard earned dough. (this post may contain affiliate links)

The benefits of these are fonts are

A. GORGEOUSNESS! Each one is seriously beautiful and nothing makes a vinyl project POP more than a killer font.

B. Commercial use! What you may not know is that most “free fonts” aren’t “free” if you are making fun stuff to sell. If you are designing a cute sign with a “free font” you technically aren’t allowed to sell it unless you a have a commercial use license (which you can usually purchase from free fonts–making them not free. All these fonts come with a premium license!

C. Try before you buy! I hate buying a font and then deciding I don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The bottom of each font you can type in text and see if you really like it. This is great if you are using these fonts as a logo or specific design!


I literally don’t have a favorite–mostly because each one is pretty for each unique project. Wellington is gorgeous for wedding. Strawberry wine and slapdash is fun for a cute home sign. Snicket is a little funky and perfectly paired with a cursive font!


Which one is your favorite?? (this is the carlington font)








Just love

Bachelor pad







Strawberry Wine






Make sure to check out my whimsy font collection here!


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