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Creative cues-kids activity with free printables

This is one of our FAVORITE games to play–especially during the summer –because it actually involves tapping into the kids creativity….shhh..don’t tell! It’s like when you sneak vegetables in brownies! It’s so fun that kids won’t even notice! Creative Cues!  creative cues printable game

Here is the gist! You have three bags.

  • First bag: what you are doing–scult, write a story, act out, write a poem, draw a picture etc…
  • Second bag: the Subject -animals, robots, people
  • Third bag: the Action–funny activites

You have your kids draw one slip from each bag. Then they have to create it! So let’s say they picked out write a story about dad walking on the moon!


Here is the fun part…you an interrupt it any way you want. If it says take a picture of a horse eating at McDonald…they could draw a picture of it and then snap it with a phone. Or take a toy horse to McDonald. OR snag a McDonald’s hat and put it on a horse and take a picture! The interpretation is yours!
printable game--creative cues

Also…you can go through Bag 1 and pull out any that you don’t want to do. (like painting a picture…) OR you can omit the whole bag 1 and just use bag 2 and bag 3 to write funny stories!

Everything is color coordinated…and there is even a blank printable so kids can write in their own! It gets pretty funny when it’s people you know!  22 prompts 1 prompts 2

You can grab the printables HERE! 


If you want 50 printables head to my etsy shop to grab this AWESOME bundle that will keep your kids entertained!

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