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Mod podge flower pots

Okay guys! I have a funny story! I got invited to my friends house to have a crafty day! My friend wanted to make these cute fabric covered flower pots she saw online….

from my blog friend Mandy (I felt like my blog life and real life had collided together!)

Long story probably even longer than necessity…we made some ADORABLE fabric pots! But of course I had to put my own twist to it! First…let me show you Sugar Bee Crafts version:

See? seriously cute! She has a great tutorial…so go check it out HERE

And here is the outcome of our crafty day: (or at least the ones I snagged pictures of!)

This one she added glitter on the flowers..

and this one she outlined it with some glitter glue! So cute! 

and this one isn’t fabric…but so cute!



Now….me being me…couldn’t just do normal….I had to be odd and do something different!


So instead, I opted for cutting out some fun graphics out of fabric to mod podge on instead of just the covering the whole thing! Painted it first

and then after it dried just sealed it on with some mod podge. 


This flamingo ones looks good with my other flamingos (what can I say? I’m obsessed!) 


and I love floral one…it’s actually two different fabrics from Hobby Lobby! 


You can, of course, think outside the box and use this same idea for a pencil holder or toothbrushes in the bathroom etc!

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